Strategic Plan

Australian Limousin Breeder’s Society

Strategic Plan

December 2016

Abbreviated Public Version


Within 5 years, the Australian Limousin Breeder’s Society will:
  • Be recognised across the beef supply chain sector with a recognised branded beef product.
  • Be the European breed of choice to commercial breeder’s for crossbreeding.
  • Have a majority of the membership performance recording their herds.
  • Have increasing membership numbers.


To develop and promote the Limousin breed of cattle and by doing so, enhance the long term profitability of the members of the Australian Limousin Breeder’s Society.


The Australian Limousin Breeder’s Society makes decisions and conducts its business in accordance with its values of:
  • Professionalism
The ALBS and the Board members will carry out their duties in a fully professional manner while performing their role.
We show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything that we do.
  • Respect
That all actions and behaviour by ALBS and the Board members are delivered with total respect for all people involved including the rules and expectations set out in our responsibilities as Board members and employees of ALBS. To give employees, Board members and members of ALBS recognition for achievements. We treat our members, customers, partners and suppliers with mutual respect and sensitivity.
We respect all individuals, members and employees and value their contributions.
  • Integrity
That the actions and intent of ALBS and the Board members never compromises on integrity in any and all dealings we carry out.
We act with honesty and integrity.
  • Customer Focus
ALBS and the Board members have a committed focus to quality customer service for both our internal and external customers.
We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs and honoring commitments that we have made to them.
  • Communication
That all communication is shared throughout our membership in a timely and accurate manner, and via the most appropriate means. All members are encouraged to openly share their opinions and views through the appropriate channels and in the appropriate manner.
We are dedicated to keep members informed so that they have updated knowledge and information on ALBS and the beef industry.
  • Innovation
To achieve industry best practice in innovation that all participants understand and follow the most critical rule of innovation, and that is “if you can’t add value then do not speak”.
We are open to new ideas and willing to do something different or new to improve outcomes for our membership.
  • Continuous improvement
That the ALBS and the Board members challenge all that we do as an organisation and as a specific breed to continually improve the outcomes of our responsibilities. In doing this we follow all of the preceding values to ensure the appropriate outcomes.
We are goal-oriented and continue to re-assess our goals and visions.

Key Strategies

1.   Breed Development
  • To involve the breed in industry research projects and feedback trials to demonstrate the commercial advantages of Limousin.
  • To position the breed to be able to take advantage of genomics technologies as they become available.
  • To increase the number of members participating in BREEDPLAN to enable the genetic evaluation of Limousin cattle for commercially important traits.
  • To increase the number of animals that have performance and carcase data recorded and submitted for more than one trait.
  • To increase the number of animals that have carcase traits for EMA, fat and IMF% measured and recorded for BREEDPLAN.
  • To increase number of member’s with a BREEDPLAN Completeness of Performance star rating higher than 4.
  • To monitor genetic trends for the breed and report these findings to members annually.
  • To co-opt industry advice and support from strategic industry partners for the improvement of the Limousin breed and the Society.
2.   Increase Demand For Limousin Cattle In Australia And New Zealand
  • To have in place a cost effective and successful promotion and marketing program which convinces commercial breeders that crossbreeding with Limousin bulls will increase their profitability.
  • To form or facilitate strategic partnerships with feedlots, processors, agents and butchers.
  • To develop a Limousin certification program so that Limousin infused cattle can be identified along the beef supply chain right through to the consumer.
  • To recompense Regions for expenditure for promotional activities and advertising to a limit based on cows on inventory in the Region.
  • To assist State and Area Promotion Groups to hold society approved sales for both commercial and seedstock cattle.
  • To encourage members to become members of the Limousin Assurance Program (LAP) and to promote the program to commercial producers.
3.   Expanding International Markets
  • To continue to support the Australian Beef Genetics Export Agency which provides certification of cattle for markets such as Russia and to promote Australian genetic material internationally.
  • To actively respond to enquiries for Limousin genetics from other countries.
  • To take trade missions to ILC conferences wherever possible.
  • To encourage members to participate in inbound flyer/visitor programs with other countries.
4.    Membership
  • To give members good value for money for their membership and make them part of a successful Breed Society.
  • To develop and maintain a strong system of communication between the Board, Staff and members of the Society.
5.    Youth Development
  • To encourage young people to become involved with Limousin and to provide opportunities for their personal development.
6.    Financial/Administration
  • To operate a modern, efficient office that provides sound administration of the Society.
  • To ensure that the Society remains in a financially sound position.
  • To ensure within all reasonable limits the integrity of the pedigree and performance records maintained by ALBS.
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