Central West Limousin Promotion Group

The Central West Limousin Promotion Group is affiliated with the Australian Limousin Breeders Society and it’s members are registered Limousin breeders, some of whom are part of the Limousin Assurance Program which offers a warranty to buyers of their Limousin cattle. The minimum requirements of the Limousin Assurance Program are that all seed stock animals offered for sale are registered with the ALBS, all calves are scored for docility and standard warranties are provided for docility and fertility.

This level of assurance is represented by the logo:-

The group are breeders from the central west and the central western slopes and plains of NSW who meet on a regular basis to promote and support the Limousin breed in various ways, such as Junior camps, Education days, Field days, Feature shows and sales, and member farm walks. The website offers you information about members and their studs, their contact details and any future member’s sales. Members are all willing to advise and guide you in the selection and breeding of both stud and commercial stock. For those interested in becoming a member, the annual subscription to the group is $20 payable on the 1st January each year. Being a member is a great way to meet fellow breeders in your area and to learn and discuss more about the Limousin Breed.


Barry Nott
Ph: 02 6373 2215

Vice Chairman
Angus Barlow
Ph: 0418 638 052

Mark Ford
Ph: 0429 414 642

Jill O'Leary
Ph: 02 6886 5121

Publicity Officer
Amy Dirks-Edwards
Ph: 0457 358 347